RefSeq GCF_000163055.2
Organism Prevotella sp. oral taxon 299 str. F0039
Topology Circular
Lineage Bacteria, Bacteroidetes, Bacteroidia, Bacteroidales, Prevotellaceae, Prevotella, unclassified Prevotella.
Assembly level Complete
Chromosome size 709850 nt
Chromosome GC content 0.38
The location of GC disparity extremes 14351 nt (minimum), 708827 nt (maximum)
Indicator genes
  • dnaA      1 ... 709850 nt
  • rpmH      626900 ... 627055 nt
Accessory proteins of chromosome replication
Replication origins
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Fig. 1 The interactive Z-curve figure.
Fig. 2 The interactive Z-curves rotated at the maximum of the GC disparity.