OriC map

OriC map is a visual tool for functional elements of replication origin. You can input a DoriC accession number list to search oriC maps recorded in DoriC database for comparison. You can also upload a single or multiple possible bacterial replication origin sequences in FASTA format to generate oriC maps for analysis of different replication elements. Please note that each sequence should not exceed 10000 bp.
Example data

OriC map cannot predict the replication origin in the genome. If you want to predict the replication origin in the genome, you can use web servers developed by our lab: Ori-Finder 2022 (http://tubic.tju.edu.cn/Ori-Finder/ and https://tubic.org/Ori-Finder/), a tool for predicting bacterial replication origins, and Ori-Finder 2 (http://tubic.tju.edu.cn/Ori-Finder2/), a tool for predicting archaeal replication origins.

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If you have any suggestions about oriC map, please send an email to fgao@tju.edu.cn.

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